Results of Face of the Revolution Ladder match at AEW Revolution 2022

Face of the Revolution Ladder match for a future AEW TNT Title match
Keith Lee vs. Wardlow vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ricky Starks vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Christian Cage

* Orange Cassidy rolled into the ring and then rolled right out before the match started. Lee, Wardlow, and Hobbs cleared the ring and then Cassidy came into the ring and did his kicks. Christian attacked the big guys with a ladder.

* Lee used Cassidy as a weapon to clear the ring. Wardlow confronted Lee but it was broken up by Hobbs. Hobbs and Starks tried to climb the ladder but Cassidy tipped it over. Cassidy used the ladder like helicopter but Lee and Wardlow grabbed the ladder. Cassidy pulled himself up to the top of the ladder and almost got the ring. Hobbs then hit Cassidy with a superplex while standing on the ladder in the corner.

* Another ladder was brought into the match and all six competitors were climbing the two ladders. It came to Hobbs and Wardlow with both of them grabbing the ring. They ended up knocking each other off the ladder.

* Lee launched Cassidy over the top rope and then Wardlow clotheslined Lee over the top. Wardlow went to the outside to continue the attack instead of climbing up a ladder. Hobbs and Wardlow grabbed a ladder and they ended up breaking it into two pieces. The fight went to the stage and Wardlow ended up knocking Lee and Hobbs off the stage through a table below.

* Dauhausen got into the ring and cursed Starks. Wardlow then came back in and powerbombed Christian. Wardlow stopped Starks from grabbing the ladder and powerbombed Starks onto a ladder bridge. Wardlow grabbed the ring to win the match.