Results of Edge/Beth Phoenix vs. Finn Balor/Rhea Ripley from WWE Elimination Chamber 2023

Edge and Beth Phoenix vs. Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley took place at WWE Elimination Chamber 2023. Here are the highlights…

* The crowd could be heard singing Edge’s theme song during him and Beth’s entrance. Beth was wearing face paint in the style of Bull Nakano.

* Beth and Rhea went at it and tried to knock each other down. Beth yelled “eat this, bitch” as the two exchanged blows. Dominik said something to Rhea and the crowd started a “fuck you Dominik” chant. Beth and Rhea fought on the outside of the ring and Rhea was sent into the steel steps. Beth knocked Balor off the apron but then Dominik caused Beth to lose her balance. Edge chased Dominik to the backstage area but Dominik returned and the crowd booed heavily.

* Balor came from under the ring and prevented Edge from getting a tag. Beth was able to hit Rhea with a superplex. Rhea got knocked into Balor and Edge got the hot tag. Edge and Beth applied dueling Edgeucator submissions but Dominik got on the apron. Rhea took advantage and took out Rhea with a headbutt. Rhea got brass knuckles from Dominik and used it on Edge. Balor was placed on Edge but Beth broke up the pin attempt. Rhea and Beth hit stereo powerbombs to the men.

* Rhea attempted to hit Beth with a conchairto but was unsuccessful. Beth hit Rhea with the glam slam on the floor. Edge took out Dominik with a suicide dive and went for a spear but was hit with a sling blade by Balor. However, Edge recovered and hit a spear. Edge and Beth then won with a shatter machine to Balor.