Results of Eddie Kingston vs. Bryan Danielson at AEW Revolution 2024

Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Bryan Danielson for the Continental Crown title took place at AEW Revolution 2024. Here are the highlights…

* The two had a feeling out process in the early moments as the crowd did dueling chants. Kingston sent Bryan to the outside with a suplex and then delivered a suicide dive. Kingston went for a chop but missed and hit the ring post. Bryan then gave Kingston a suplex off the apron to the floor.

* Back in the ring, Bryan targeted Kingston’s arm. Kingston fought back and used Bryan’s own elbows against himself. Kingston tried to use the spinning backfist but hurt his hand. Bryan then hit his running knee but Kingston kicked out.

* Byran applied a submission but Kingston gave a thumbs up and managed to get his foot on the rope. Bryan and Kingston exchanged suplexes and both guys were down which led to a standing ovation from the fans. The two got up and exchanged strikes. Kingston countered another running knee strike and then powerbombed Bryan to score the victory. After the match, Bryan gave Kingston a handshake as promised.