Results of CM Punk’s first WWE match in almost a decade from the 12/26/23 event at Madison Square Garden

On December 26th 2023, WWE held a “Holiday Tour” live event at Madison Square Garden in New York City. As part of the card, CM Punk had his first WWE match in almost a decade when he went up against Dominik Mysterio.

Rhea Ripley was at ringside. Dominik taunted fans in the early moments and there was a “you still got it” chant at Punk. Dominik got the upper hand for a while but then Punk was able to make a comeback. Punk hit his top rope elbow drop but Dominik was able to counter the GTS. Dominik went for a 619 but Punk blocked it and applied the sharpshooter. Dominik escaped and successfully hit a 619 but Punk kicked out. Punk then picked up the victory with the GTS.

After the match, Punk cut a promo and called the MSG match one of his greatest moments. Punk said he came back to finish what he started and it started there at MSG. Punk finished by saying “when I win the Royal Rumble and go on to main event WrestleMania… that isn’t me finishing my story, that’s just me getting started!”

Here are some clips from the match…