Results of Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley at WWE Wrestlemania 39

Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Rhea Ripley for the Smackdown women’s title took place at WWE Wrestlemania 39 Saturday. Here are the highlights…

* Michael Cole noted that this was the first Wrestlemania match to have two female competitors, a female referee, and a female ring announcer.

* The two had a lengthy staredown before they locked up. Rhea got the upper hand and gave Charlotte a crotch chop. Charlotte quickly recovered and clotheslined Rhea out of the ring.

* Rhea took control of the match but couldn’t put Charlotte away after hitting a release German suplex. Charlotte started to make a comeback and chopped Rhea multiple times. Charlotte countered a riptide attempt with a DDT but Rhea kicked out. Charlotte and Rhea took each other down with big boots.

* Rhea gave Charlotte an avalanche German suplex but Charlotte kicked out. The two ended up on the outside and Charlotte was sent into the steel steps.

* Back in the ring, Charlotte was able to avoid riptide again but was dropped face first from another German suplex by Rhea. Charlotte hit her moonsault on the outside. Back in the ring, Rhea was finally able to hit the riptide but Charlotte kicked out.

* Rhea applied the cloverleaf submission but Charlotte got out and hit a spear but Rhea kicked out. They traded blows and then Charlotte applied the figure four but Rhea grabbed the bottom rope.

* Both were on the top and Rhea was able to hit an avalanche riptide to win the title. As Rhea celebrated, Charlotte applauded Rhea on the outside.