Results of Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss at WWE Extreme Rules 2021

RAW Women’s Title
Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Alexa Bliss

* Before the match, Bobby Lashley cut a promo and called Big E a “chickenshit.” Lashley challenged Big E to a title match on RAW and said he wants his title back.

* Alexa’s hometown crowd was firmly behind her and there were chants right at the start of the match even though the ring announcer did not mention Columbus during the entrances. Alexa had a fast start but Charlotte was eventually able to gain the upper hand. Alexa was able to hit a hurricanrana which sent Charlotte into the bottom turnbuckle. However, Alexa’s momentum was quickly halted.

* The match went back and forth with the two exchanging nearfalls. Charlotte started to get frustrated when she couldn’t put Alexa away. Alexa hit a sunset bomb but Charlotte kicked out again.

* Alexa missed Twisted Bliss and then hit her DDT but Charlotte got her foot on the rope. Charlotte then grabbed Lilly and threw it at Alexa. Charlotte hit a big boot and then pinned Alexa with Natural Selection.

* Charlotte dismembered Lilly after the match. Alexa was engaged and attacked Charlotte which led to the fight continuing outside of the ring. Charlotte sent Alexa over the announce table and left with her title. Alexa was distraught and mourned her torn up doll as the crowd did a “thank you Lilly” chant.