Results of Bron Breakker vs. Joey Gacy at WWE NXT In Your House 2022

Bron Breakker (c) vs. Joe Gacy for the NXT title took place at WWE NXT In Your House 2022. Here are the highlights…

* The stipulation was that if Breakker got disqualified, he would lose the title.

* Breakker broke through a wall for his entrance and Gacy arrived with his druids.

* Gacy taunted Breakker in the early minutes to get him angry. Breakker took down Gacy and Gacy rolled to the outside. The druids handed a chair to Breakker and while he was distracted, Gacy shoved Breakker into the ring post.

* Gacy dominated the match for several minutes. There were duel “let’s go Gacy/Gacy sucks” chants. Breakker eventually made a comeback and Gacy went to the outside of the ring again. Breakker came over the top with a dive to Gacy.

* Breakker was looking to finish off Gacy when a druid got on the apron. The other druid handed Gacy a chair. Gacy pulled an Eddie Guerrero by giving the chair to Breakker and then falling to the ground. A second referee showed up and stopped the first referee for ringing the bell.

* Gacy was tackled off the apron by Breakker and crashed through the announce table.

* Back in the ring, Breakker hit the top rope bulldog but Gacy kicked out. Gacy grabbed the chair and gave it to Breakker. Gacy dared Breakker to hit him but Breakker didn’t do it. Gacy took a cheap shot and rolled up Breakker but Breakker kicked out. Breakker grabbed the chair and ended up hitting one of the druids. Breakker then hit a spear followed by his powerslam and scored the victory.