Results of Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre at WWE Hell in a Cell 2021

Bobby Lashley (c) (with MVP) vs. Drew McIntyre
Last Chance Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship

* McIntyre tried to use the steel steps on Lashley in the early minutes of the match and was successful on his second attempt. McIntyre then used a kendo stick on Lashley. MVP gave Lashley his cane and Lashley used it on McIntyre to gain the upper hand. However, Lashley’s advantage did not last long and McIntyre slammed Lashley on the steps with a White Noise-like maneuver.

* McIntyre continued to control the match and used a steel chair. McIntyre got several nearfalls but could not put away Lashley. The two ended up back on the outside and Lashley gained the advantage. MVP used the kendo stick to trap McIntyre in the cage corner and Lashley continued his assault.

* The referee accidentally got taken out of the ring. McIntyre hit the future shock DDT but there was no referee. The door was unlocked and another referee came in. McIntyre hit the claymore but MVP pulled the second referee out of the ring. MVP was locked in the cage and McIntyre beat him up. McIntyre then hit the Claymore to MVP. Lashley got the hurt lock on the outside of the ring and McIntyre backed them through a table that was set up on the outside.

* Back in the ring, McIntyre once again used the chair on Lashley. McIntyre went for the Claymore again but missed. Lashley chokeslammed McIntyre off the apron through a table. Lashley got McIntyre back in the ring and went for the spear but missed. McIntyre got a nearfall with a backslide. McIntyre then hit the Glasgow kiss and a future shock DDT. McIntyre went for the Claymore but MVP grabbed his foot. Lashley then rolled up McIntyre and scored the victory to retain his title.