Results of Big E vs. Apollo Crews at WWE Wrestlemania 37

Intercontinental Title
Big E (c) vs. Apollo Crews

* Rapper Wale performed for Big E’s entrance. There were various percussion instruments on the outside of the ring for the Nigerian drum fight. Both men went to the outside of the ring and grabbed kendo sticks when the match started. The two got in the ring and exchanged kendo stick shots with Big E getting the upper hand.

* Crews tried to drop the steel steps onto Big E but Big E moved. Big E later gave Crews a uranage off the apron onto the steps. Big E then set up a table in the ring.

* Apollo put Big E on the table and went for a splash but missed and crashed through the table. Big E hit the Big Ending but then Commander Azeez (formerly Dabba Kato from RAW Underground last year) attacked Big E. Kato then put Apollo on top of Big E and the referee counted the pinfall since the match was NoDQ.