Results of Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair at WWE Extreme Rules 2021

Smackdown Women’s Title
Becky Lynch (c) vs. Bianca Belair

* Before the match, Big E accepted Bobby Lashley’s challenge for the WWE Title on RAW. The match will kick off the show.

* Bianca tried to hit the KOD right when the match started but Becky slipped to the outside of the ring. There were “Let’s go Becky” and “EST” dueling chants. Bianca continued to have the upper hand and Becky told Michael Cole that she had a plan. Becky ended up using Bianca’s hair to gain control.

* Becky worked over Bianca for awhile but then Bianca made a comeback and shoved off her power with a vertical suplex. Becky tried to used the hair again but was unsuccessful and Bianca hit a spinebuster.

* Becky was able to get the Disarm Her submission on but Bianca got her foot on the rope. The two ended up on the outside and Bianca was sent into the steel steps.

* Becky introduced some new moves but wasn’t able to finish off Bianca. Bianca powered out of another Disarm Her attempt and slammed Becky but couldn’t score the victory. Becky got the Disarm Her on again but Bianca powered out into a KOD. However, Sasha Banks arrived and attacked Bianca which caused a DQ. Sasha also attacked Becky and hit a back stabber. As she left, Sasha said she would see the two of them on Friday’s Smackdown.