Results of Bad Bunny & Damian Priest vs. Miz & Morrison at WWE Wrestlemania 37

The Miz and John Morrison vs. Bad Bunny and Damian Priest

* Before the match, there was the annual WWE Hall of Fame segment with the 2020 class being honored on the stage.

* Booker T did guest commentary for the match.

* A group of people in bunny costumes hopped into the ring prior to Miz and Morrison’s entrance. Miz and Morrison did a live perform of their song Hey Hey Hop Hop as they came to ringside. Bad Bunny arrived to the stadium on top of a truck.

* Priest was going to start the match but Miz insisted that Bunny get in the ring. Bunny agreed and dropped Miz with a punch. Miz got the upper hand but then Bunny took Miz down with an arm drag takedown. Bunny continued to hold his own and Miz tagged out to Morrison. Miz took a cheap shot and Morrison got the advantage. Morrison mocked Booker T by doing a spinarooni. Miz and Morrison worked over Bunny until Bunny was finally able to tag in Priest.

* Priest took out both Miz and Morrison. Bunny got back in the ring and Bunny helped Priest go over the top to the outside on Miz and Morrison. Bunny then did a dive off the top rope onto Morrison. Bunny then saved Priest from being pinned by the Skull Crushing Finale.

* Bunny hit a Canadian Destroyer to Morrison on the outside. Bunny then hit a cross body to Miz while Miz was on Priest’s shoulders and scored the pinfall victory.