Results of Adam Cole and MJF vs. Dark Order at AEW All Out 2023

Adam Cole and MJF (c) vs. Dark Order (John Silver and Alex Reynolds) for the ROH tag team titles took place at AEW All Out 2023. Here are the highlights…

* MJF and Cole attempted the double clothesline early but Reynolds pulled Silver to the outside. Reynolds tagged in and MJF got a “sportsmanship” chant going. They shook hands but MJF gave Reynolds a thumb to the eye. MJF went for the Kangaroo Kick but Silver took a shot at him.

* MJF went to the outside of the ring and was selling his neck. Reynolds hit MJF in the neck with a chair while the referee wasn’t looking and officials came down to check on MJF. MJF was helped up the ramp and Cole continued the match by himself.

* Dark Order dominated for several minutes and Evil Uno attacked Cole on the outside while the referee was distracted. Dark Order hit a double clothesline to Cole but he kicked out.

* Dark Order tried to use the ROH tag team titles but Cole fought them off. MJF then made his return to the ring while still clutching his neck. MJF got a hot tag and delivered the Kangaroo kick to Dark Order.

* Cole gave Uno a superkick and then a double clothesline was delivered to Reynolds. Cole then pinned Reynolds to score the win.