Reported reason why Becky Lynch said she won’t be appearing on 4/17/23 edition of WWE RAW

As seen during the April 10th 2023 edition of WWE RAW, Trish Stratus turned heel against Becky Lynch after the duo lost the women’s tag team titles. Prior to the April 17th edition of RAW, Becky Lynch tweeted “I won’t be coming to RAW today” and she also blacked out her Twitter cover photo. Trish replied to the tweet with a video of Becky’s husband Seth Rollins saying “bye bye bitch” during a RAW segment.

In regards to Becky’s absence, Twitter account @WRKDWrestling noted the following…

“The reason for Becky Lynch’s absence from tonight’s WWE RAW is that she is currently dealing with a minor injury. This will also serve as a cover to play into the betrayal she feels from last week’s angle with Trish Stratus.”

Trish is set to explain her actions on tonight’s show.