Report regarding Jimmy and Jey Uso’s storyline with Roman Reigns

In regards to Jey Uso being absent from WWE television in recent weeks, Dave Meltzer of wrote the following…

“The situation with Jey Uso off Smackdown and Jimmy essentially doing the Jey role with the idea Jey just went home is all part of the storyline and not a cover for an injury.”

It’s unknown how WWE will proceed with the Reigns storyline now that Jimmy Uso was arrested for a DUI on Monday night. As of Friday morning, WWE did not issue a public statement regarding Jimmy’s arrest. Furthermore, is reporting that the company did not make a decision regarding Jimmy’s future as of Thursday afternoon.

The current storyline with Reigns and the Usos has been doing strong numbers on social media with Edge’s attack on Jimmy from last Friday doing 1.4 million views on YouTube alone.