Randy Orton

Report on Randy Orton’s condition following injury scare during WWE RAW

During the February 28th 2022 edition of WWE RAW, RK-Bro took on the Street Profits in a tag team match. Ford hit Orton with a frogsplash and went for the cover but Orton appeared to be legitimately hurt. Orton had attempted to put his foot on the rope but wasn’t able to do so and the referee counted to three anyways. The referee and participants checked on Orton’s condition after the match was over.

Unedited footage from the the match was uploaded to WWE’s YouTube channel…

According to Fightful.com. it appears that Orton wasn’t seriously hurt and it was a situation where he got the wind knocked out of him but WWE will continue to monitor his condition. Fightful also noted that RK-Bro was reportedly scheduled to the win with the match with several RKOs. There was said to be no heat on Ford over what happened.

On Twitter, Orton wrote “…medium and charred, thanks for asking” following the match while Ford wrote that “everyone is healthy.”