Report on how people within WWE reacted to Nia Jax’s release from the company

Former WWE star Nia Jax is now referring to herself as Lina Fanene (her real name is Savelina Fanene) on social media. Nia joked on Twitter that Shayna Baszler ended her wrestling career by posting a video with the caption “first she broke my arm, then she dragged me out of the business.”

Steve Carrier of noted the following about Nia’s release from WWE…

“Nia Jax’s WWE release surprised a lot of people, but there are some in the company who are of the mindset that it was a long time coming.

Her work rate, backstage attitude, and how she has injured so many Superstars did not go unnoticed.”

Nia has been publicly criticized in recent years for hurting other wrestlers including an incident with Kairi Sane from 2020.