Report: Kenny Omega’s diverticulitis could’ve had “really bad complications”

As previously noted, Kenny Omega announced that he is out of action “indefinitely” with what was reported as diverticulitis.

Dave Meltzer of provided more details on the situation during Wrestling Observer Radio

“I did not hear if he had surgery yet on it. But he was rushed to the hospital on Friday. He had been in a lot of pain, and he thought what happened was, as you probably all remember, that he had the hernia [in 2022] that was really, really bad, which caused him that long period off. And he had been hurting really, really bad. And he had presumed it was a hernia. He had had bloating, which he presumed was [another hernia], and he thought he may have messed up his diet somehow and was eating something wrong. He kept training on it, working on it. Did the match with Ethan Page [on last week’s Collision]. He was hurting really bad on Wednesday when he did the promo with Jericho [on Dynamite]. By that point, it was really bad. So he went to the hospital and found out he had diverticulitis. It was in a really bad situation. I mean, in the sense of, if he had not gone in another day or so, it could have been horrendous.

I guess he’s fine. I heard from him, and just kind of said that, like, he was in pain, had had trouble sleeping, but he just thought it was the hernia acting up again. And once he found out it was and he said, [it] could have been really, really bad complications. I don’t know how long he’s going to be out, and I don’t think anyone does. It was a very, very serious situation by the time he got to the hospital.” (quote courtesy of