Report about new TNA Wrestling head of creative said to be “100% incorrect”

Last week, it was announced that Scott D’Amore had been fired from his role as TNA Wrestling president. On Friday was reported by Dave Meltzer of that Tommy Dreamer is now the TNA head of creative in a move that was expected with D’Amore gone from the company.

However, Mike Johnson of later stated that the report about Dreamer is “100% incorrect” according to sources. Johnson noted the following…

“The existing TNA Creative team of Tommy Dreamer, RD Evans and Hunter ‘Delirious’ Johnston will remain in place and continue to work as they did prior to Scott D’Amore’s departure. The existing team will be supported by Gail Kim, who was already one of the top officials for the company backstage and does so many things from a talent relations and producing perspective that it would take an hour to list all of her responsibilities.”

Johnson also noted that Ariel Shnerer, not Dreamer, is in charge of all TNA content moving forward and will be working in conjunction with new TNA President Anthony Cicione.