Renee Paquette talks about how AEW doesn’t “treat their fans stupid”

During a recent edition of Oral Sessions, Renee Paquette talked about her husband Jon Moxley’s storyline as IWGP United States Champion and his loss to Lance Archer. Paquette brought up how AEW’s way of storytelling is different from WWE…

“It’s so layered and so intriguing. There’s really so much to sink your teeth into as a wrestling fan. There are so many deep roots that make the storytelling fun and engaging to watch. That’s something you don’t get to see in WWE.”

“They [AEW] don’t treat their fans stupid, in terms of not knowing what this is and we’re going to beat you over the head to make sure you understand it. I understand the reasoning of why they do that obviously, but I think with smart fans, and the way that people have access to looking into information that they might not know and being able to connect the dots themselves, I think that there’s something really cool about that that people like to have that sense of discovery, rather than being talked to like they don’t understand.” (quotes courtesy of