Renee Paquette addresses the situation between Jon Moxley and Bully Ray

As previously noted, Bully Ray gave his thoughts on Jon Moxley’s promo from the January 19th 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite and said that Moxley should’ve given AEW fans “a bit of an apology.”

During the Throwing Down with Renee and Miesha podcast, Renee Paquette addressed the situation between her husband and Bully Ray…

“The whole thing, the Bully Ray thing, you know, I saw it all over my Twitter and I was like ‘do even address this?’ But it’s like that thing you know, people can talk sh*t about me all day long and whatever, it’s fine. You talk sh*t about my husband, you talk sh*t about my family, that becomes more personal to me and that bothers me more. It also bothers me because Bully is somebody who I’ve always really enjoyed. I’ve always really liked Bully. I always thought I had a good relationship with him despite other people not having a good relationship with him or him having burned bridges other places and leaving a bad taste in other people’s mouths. I’ve never had that situation with him so now to be on the receiving end of it, sucks. I’ve not talked to him since it’s all gone down. He certainly has my phone number. He certainly has my husband’s phone number.”

“Bully has not apologized for it and I don’t even need Bully to apologize for and I assure you, Jon could give a sh*t. It’s annoying to even be talking about at this point. The fact that Jon is back in wrestling and he looks like a million bucks and he feels good.”

“There’s no payoff…this isn’t an angle. They’re not gonna have a payoff of like a match or anything like that…It just seems like a really sh*tty take.” (quotes courtesy of