Released WWE NXT star says he no longer fits “what they are looking for”

Former WWE star Asher Hale (Anthony Henry) issued a lengthy public statement in regards to his release from the company…

“My wrestling career has taken me on quite the ride, with lots of ups and down. Another chapter, in this crazy story, ended on August 6, 2021. I never thought I would make it as far as I did, but after 20 years, I did the unthinkable. I was employed by the largest wrestling company in the world. Then, six months later, I was released.

I know there is nothing I could have done to make things turn out any different. There is a shift happening, within the company, and I no longer fit what they are looking for. I mean, I get it. I wish I had known that before moving my family down here, but we all take risks in life. It was a choice that I made.

It didn’t pay off this time. I was gutted by the news, but I also knew this was a possibility. Luckily, my wife is the most amazing, supportive person on the planet, and has helped me here through these past few days.

I am not here to bash WWE or my time there. While this whole situation is disappointing and there are plenty of negatives I could talk about, I learned a lot, and, overall, the experience was a great one. I came out the other side a better PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER and person. The coaching staff at the PC is amazing and they all helped me a lot.

The one thing that is truly hurtful for me though, is that I do not feel like I ever truly got the opportunity to put the real me out there on that platform. A month into my stay at the PC, I was injured during a training match. I herniated two discs in my cervical spine, which caused strength and muscle loss on the left side of my body.

All of my televised matches were performed with me banged up and modifying what I did out in the ring. Near the end, I was probably 75% but in my first handful of matches, I was maybe 30%, at best.

I was nowhere near being able to display what I could do, but did my best to work through it. The injury was nobody’s fault. Stuff happens. The WWE medical staff is awesome and took great care of me. They helped me improve my condition as fast and safe as possible. It is just unfortunate that I didn’t get the opportunity I wanted.

I don’t think it would have saved my job, it is not about that. It is a pride thing. I would have been happy with my performances, and that is what truly matters to me.

So, now I have 30 days to think about what I want to do. I can finish up my career and say ‘it was fun while it lasted,’ or I can come back reinvigorated and ready to show the world who and what I am about.

I’ll definitely be back, I just don’t know if it will be a long-term deal or not. Let’s hope that I can find that passion again, and come out of this better than ever! See you all on the other side.”