Reby Hardy addresses claim that her and Matt have been “enabling” Jeff

As previously noted, Jeff Hardy was arrested on Monday morning for allegedly driving under the influence. AEW later issued a public statement.

A fan left a comment on TikTok that Matt and his wife Reby have been “enabling” Jeff. Reby issued a response and brought up Jeff’s show from Sunday night that her and Matt were in attendance for…

“So you were there when I booked the event, right? And I told the promoter to make sure there was no alcohol and he was not served alcohol? You were there when we walked him to his hotel room that night, right? Short of having him sleep between me and Matt, there’s really not much more I could’ve personally done. I’m going to make a point to never speak on his behalf, that’s not my place. He doesn’t want me doing that. What we’re going to make perfectly clear is that I am not responsible for the actions of a fully grown man. Very frustrating when you are doing as much as you can and you still get comments like that.”

Reby added that “stupid humor” was how she was dealing with the situation.