Reason why the Kevin Nash and Lex Luger specials on the WWE Network didn’t air as scheduled

Kevin Nash’s appearance on Broken Skull Sessions as well as the Lex Luger: Icons documentary didn’t air on the WWE Network/Peacock as originally scheduled.

Mike Johnson of noted that both specials are completed and are still scheduled to air at some point. Johnson explained the situation…

“ has been told it is a result of changes in strategy and rollout for original content on the streaming service as it adjusts to its new place in the WWE hierarchy under the TV department. We are told part of the issue was that with changes made internally to divisions that were folded into each other, there was previously set schedule that was set to roll out and with so many people in new positions learning the ropes, there’s been some growing pains.”

It appears that the WWE Untold: The Nexus documentary has been shelved for the time being.