Randy Orton

Randy Orton comments on report about his WWE entrance music almost being changed

In late 2023, it was reported that WWE considered changing Randy Orton’s theme song for his comeback but ultimately decided to keep using “Voices” by Rev Theory for his entrance. During an interview with BleacherReport.com, Orton confirmed that his music was almost changed…

“There is some truth to what you read, but I was just as much behind it as WWE and we were actually working throughout the summer on a new song. It kind of kept evolving and evolving and when we thought we had something, a higher-up in WWE brass would listen to it and say, ‘Eh, it sounds a little like Roman’s here, so take that out.’ It got to a point where we played it at Survivor Series with the intent, like, ‘Am I going to come out with a new song tonight?’ The decision at the eleventh hour was ‘Voices’ is just a song people have learned to love. And even though it doesn’t get my blood pumping, it gets all of those fans pumping and they know when they hear those first few notes or chords or whatever, they know who’s coming down and they know how it makes them feel.”

“Rev Theory’s great, my song’s great. A lot of people enjoy it. I have never loved, loved, loved it. You see me bouncing my head to New Day’s music. When AJ Styles comes to the ring with his music? I’m singing along. Samoa Joe, when he was with us, just the instrumentals. Roman’s, The Judgment Day’s music. There’s music that gets me going. The kind of music I listen to at the gym, the kind of music that pumps me up doesn’t really fit Randy Orton the character.”