Potential spoiler regarding Gunther’s Imperium faction getting a new member in the future

Twitter account Better Wrestling Experience (@BoozerRasslin), which has leaked RAW and Smackdown plans in recent weeks, wrote about Triple H looking to continue building up factions in WWE. The account noted the following…

“[Triple] H loves his factions. He’s working to find a new gem within these formations. Trying to recreate the success of Undisputed Era. So expect a lot of upgrades in groups and strong showing moving forward.”

In a potential spoiler for Gunther’s Imperium faction, it was also noted by BWE that Ilja Dragunov has been “eyed to join Imperium later” but no timeline was provided by the account. Dragunov is currently on the NXT brand and was not part of the 2023 WWE Draft despite his name being rumored.