Possible spoilers: Backstage news heading into the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble match

Here are a few news items for the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble match via Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com…

* A rehearsal took place last night for the women’s Rumble match with over 30 women being involved. Johnson noted that WWE wants to have more than enough women available for the event in case any have to be pulled due to Covid-19 protocols.

* Former WWE star Jillian Hall was said to be part of the rehearsal but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll be in the Rumble match.

* Dave “Fit” Finlay is going to be one of the Producers for the match.

* In regards to Sasha Banks’ return on Smackdown, Johnson noted that her “being added to the Rumble match was said to be ‘as last minute of a decision as you can imagine’, according to several sources.”

* In regards to Paige possibly returning for the Rumble, Johnson noted that he hasn’t heard anything about it happening.