Possible spoiler regarding Ric Flair’s 2023 WWE Hall of Fame announcement

For this coming Wednesday’s edition of The Bump, Ric Flair is scheduled to announce the next inductee into the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer brought up Flair potentially inducting The Great Muta as the two did have history together in WCW…

“Ric Flair has asked to induct Muto, or has been asked to induct Muto. A lot of people thought it would be Sting, but politically that would have been tough before, I think it would have been even tougher now. We do know that Muto has been asked to be in the Hall of Fame, and we do know that Flair has asked to induct him, so that seems to make sense.” (quote courtesy of WrestleTalk.com)

The Great Muta has been one of the names rumored for the 2023 Hall of Fame.