Possible sign that Sami Zayn will be staying with WWE

As previously noted, there has been “locker room talk” that Sami Zayn has signed a new contract with WWE.

In a Monday update, Steve Carrier of RingsideNews.com noted that there is a possible sign Zayn will be staying with WWE. Carrier wrote the following…

“Sami Zayn’s current contract status is a big talking point and we have some evidence he re-signed.

It was not 100% confirmed he inked a new deal, but it appears he did agree to terms. The writing team was told they ‘could keep coming up with long term ideas for Sami.'”

Zayn was one of the participants announced for a 12-man Smackdown gauntlet match with the winner facing Shinsuke Nakamura in an Intercontinental Title match at the Day 1 PPV event. Click here for the spoiler results.