Piper Niven addresses her absence from WWE television since February of 2024

Piper Niven has not wrestled in WWE since the February 5th 2024 Main Event taping. In regards to her absence from television, Piper said the following to Gorilla Position

“Who wants to see my gross hand? I broke my hand [laughs]. Training, trying to be a better performer. Obviously, the universe was like, ‘No, no, no, you’re too good. [Laughs] Come on, you gotta give everybody else a chance.’ So yeah, broke my hand, unfortunately, and it still looks gnarly. This happened the seventh of February, so just over two months. It’s getting a little better, so I’ll have this gnarly little bone callous that I can’t wait to backfist people with.”

“Honestly, I feel like this was kind of necessary, like I’ve never broken a bone or really had…I’ve been out before, especially with COVID and stuff. But I’ve never had any real injury, and I kind of feel like this was a very necessary learning experience for me. Even though I’ve been injured with a broken bone and rehabbing and everything that comes with that, I have been doing so much work. Inner work, ring work, learning about myself, my profession. Honestly, I think this was a necessary setback to be better as a performer, so I’m very, very excited to show everyone that when I get back.” (quotes courtesy of Colin Tessier)