Peyton Royce opens up about health struggles while working for WWE

During the first episode of the Off Her Chops podcast, former WWE star Cassie Lee (formerly Peyton Royce) talked about about her personal health struggles while working for the company…

“I use to get physically ill inside of airports. Like, put me on a plane getting to the next town. Remember that one time we had to pull the car over on the highway? I really thought I was going to throw up, and I feel like it just got worse every week. If I’m traveling for leisure, then sure. The airport is great and I love flying. Just give me a window seat – so I don’t vomit all over myself – but, I did not know when it was.”

“It was different when it was for work for some reason. I just knew every time I got on a plane that I wouldn’t be back for five days. Then when I got home, I would only have two nights and in that time, I would have to do all my washing, rearrange my bag, run my errands, and I would maybe have half a day to myself to spend with my then-fiancé (Shawn Spears) and my dogs and it was just – it really took its toll on my mental health personally.” (quotes courtesy of