Person in WWE explains why Stephanie McMahon working with Nick Khan is “necessary”

As previously noted, Vince McMahon has announced his retirement from WWE and Stephanie McMahon has been named co-CEO along with Nick Khan.

Khan is expected to be in charge of the business end while Stephanie will be the public face of the company. There is said to be concern about the paring being a problem due to disagreements and neither one having the full power to implement things. However, a person in WWE issued a comment to Dave Melter of regarding the matter…

“I actually believe this pairing is necessary. Nick is a revenue driver. And he’s been involved in things that are not his specialty. What he’s good at, he’s great at. Steph is the promoter. The old school promoter with the new lexicon in media about analytics and branding. If Steph sticks to being a promoter, managing the relationships for the company, and Nick sticks to revenue, they’re a formidable team.”