People within WWE reportedly wanted to “bury” Stephanie McMahon on her way out

As previously noted, WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon announced that she will be taking a leave of absence from the “majority” of her WWE responsibilities.

In a article on, author Claire Atkinson wrote about Stephanie’s leave of absence and claimed that “it was executed by her father, Vince McMahon, the organization’s 76-year-old CEO.”

Atkinson also obtained a quote from a WWE source in regards to Stephanie’s talk about growth in sponsorship and marketing…

“We weren’t seeing that growth. When someone is moved out of a company, it’s usually the result of something not working. We took stronger control of that a few months ago.”

WWE recently hired Catherine Newman as a new Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing. On’s message board, Dave Meltzer addressed the Business Insider article…

“Her [Stephanie] leaving was 100% her choice. She had been talking about to close friends from when Paul [Triple H] had his heart issues. That said, key people in the company once she was gone did want to bury her on the way out. That shocked a lot of people including me and those close to her. When I noted to someone very high in the food chain about the burial starting, they told me that if they did that publicly it would be career suicide, only to find out they had already started and the burial was going to come from the top.”

“There is a much bigger story here.

The company outright wanted to bury her here. Something happened after she left clearly. The company did a total 180 on her about two weeks after she left. They never even did that for Barrios & Wilson.”