Paul Wight reveals that he spent almost three months in a wheelchair

During an interview with The Metro, AEW personality Paul Wight commented on his recovery from knee replacement surgery…

“Well, I spent 11 weeks in a wheelchair because I was waiting for them to build the implant for my knee because of my size. I had crushed all the bone in the knee, I was bleeding into my shin. So, I’ve got a good pain tolerance, but when I say I rode the tire down to the rim, that’s exactly what I did,” Paul Wight said. “But, luckily I still have all my ligaments in that knee, everything’s good there, it’s a nice, brand new titanium joint so it’s good for 35 years. So, I can parachute if I want to – not that I’ll ever jump out of an airplane, we all saw the movie Operation Dumbo Drop, I don’t think that’s me, we’re good!”

“When you have injuries, you have a lot of things, a lot of muscles that turn off, your nervous system changes, so there were a lot of things that I needed help with. Mike’s just been fantastic,” Paul Wight said. “Billy Gunn’s been helping me on the road. Michael helps me with nutrition and workout advice and stuff like that. We’ve changed a lot of things to adapt to someone my size and my age. There’s been incredible results, and I’m super happy about it. Right now, I’m about 35 or 40 lbs heavier than I want to be. So I’m weighing about 419 right now. I think at my leanest I was 370, but at that time too I had also cannibalized a lot of muscles just because I was doing so much cardio, I was biking 20, 25 miles a day,” Paul Wight said. “I really wasn’t getting – these are things I’m finding out now, I wasn’t getting enough protein in. At the time, I was trying to eliminate a lot of mass, I went from 480 down to 370. So this go round, I’m trying to eat, in a way, on a more timed schedule. I literally have a meal or shake every three hours. The nutrition is on point and I’m able to build muscle.”