Paul Wight comments on how AEW is different from WWE

During an appearance on The Rob Brown Show, Paul Wight talked about how the AEW product is different from WWE…

“They’re two distinctly different products. I think WWE is always going to be that more storyline, soap-opera-driven type wrestling with high productions and all the effort they put into character backstage promos and development. Then AEW, we’re kind of cut and dry, to the point. Our characters that talk are guys that have important things to say and a lot of the stuff we do is right in the middle of the ring. You go out and you watch a kid like Dante Martin compete, or Rey Fenix, you see these guys in the ring and I’ve never seen anything like Rey Fenix or Dante Martin. I’ve been around a long time and I’ve seen some of the best high flyers ever, and I’ve never seen anything like Dante Martin and Rey Fenix.

They’re compelling to watch and it’s different. It’s a different style and it’s a different type of programming we offer at AEW and that’s great for the fans because now the fans have the opportunity to choose. The more the merrier. When you’re only given one product, no matter how good that product may be, it doesn’t give room for growth. It becomes very isolated, and that’s the one thing about AEW. There are so many different characters. There are so many different ways to express. There are so many options to have fans find a character that they can connect with. Whether it’s MJF, who is like the little pr*ck you want to wring his neck in his Burberry scarf, you know? Or, you know, you see a guy like Bryan Danielson who goes out there and just tears the house down with some of the best technical wrestling going today. I defy you to find a better in-ring technical wrestler today than Bryan Danielson.” (quote courtesy of