Paul Wight addresses the CM Punk and Daniel Bryan to AEW reports

In an interview with, Paul Wight gave his thoughts on the reports that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have signed with AEW…

“I’m excited about it. I don’t really know. I’ve heard, of course, some backstage scuttlebutt. I’m friends with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk both. I think if either one of those guys made a serious commitment to come to AEW, they would blow the roof off the industry. I think both those guys are incredible talents and they have a lot to offer any company that they join.”

“Both of them will fit and like how they’re treated much more in AEW than they will anywhere else. There’s a lot more freedom for guys like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk to really excel and give the fans what they love most about them. There’s very little micromanaging in AEW. There’s a lot of trust in your professionalism and knowing who you are as a talent and what you bring to the table. There’s a lot of freedom to really amplify that and bring out the most for the fans.”

Paul Wight Weighs In On CM Punk/Daniel Bryan Signing Rumors And Why They’d Be Happier In AEW (Exclusive)

Rumours continue to persist that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have signed with All Elite Wrestling, and it appears their debuts are imminent. Ultimately, regardless of whether one or both prove to be “All Elite,” it will be a game-changer for AEW, and a major blow to WWE at a time when they continue to struggle with ratings.