Paul “Triple H” Levesque shoots on the creative process of WWE heading into Wrestlemania 40 and beyond

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Paul “Triple H” Levesque discussed the WWE creative process heading into Wrestlemania 40 and beyond…

“People are going to nitpick everything. It’s just the way it is. They’re going to have their moments that they love. They’re going to have their moments that they didn’t like, whatever. They’re all going to analyze the booking and the finishes and everything that we do. They’re going to overanalyze all of it. You said it earlier about Roman and Rock. People always go like, ‘Oh, we should have got that. They should have done this.’ It doesn’t end. You know what happens at 11:00 PM on Sunday night when Wrestlemania is over, the second night of Wrestlemania is over? Someone hands me the sheets for RAW the next night, and I start looking at that show because, and we’ve already been looking at it, but the story continues. When you get to the end of the best chapter in the book that you’ve ever read, you flip the page and there’s a whole new chapter, or there’s a whole new volume. There are only mistakes if that’s the end, right? But it’s never the end. It’s never the end. The story continues.

So we’re going to pick it up wherever we are, and we’re going to move forward. And I promise you this, between Wrestlemania 40 and Wrestlemania 41, we’re going to come up with the best thing ever to blow your mind and make you go like, ‘Oh, my God, this is better than 40 was.'”