Pat McAfee reacts to photo of empty seats at the 2023 AEW Double or Nothing PPV

Twitter account @WrestleTix reported on Sunday afternoon that 10,229 tickets had been distributed for the 2023 AEW Double or Nothing PPV. During the show, Bryan Alvarez of uploaded a ringside photo which showed numerous empty seats by the hard camera. Seats near the hard camera are the last to be filled at WWE and AEW events and usually aren’t visible to viewers on television.

During his show, former WWE Smackdown announcer Pat McAfee made a reference to the photo…

“Anytime you get a shot away from hard cam, you know what I mean, you can really see a lot of things. AEW found out this weekend or whatever at one of their events, it’s like three quarters of an arena completely empty. They don’t want that photo out anywhere.” (quote courtesy of