Pat McAfee makes accusation that someone from ESPN is trying to sabotage his show

In May 2023, WWE celebrity wrestler Pat McAfee signed a multi-million dollar deal with ESPN to bring The Pat McAfee Show to the sports channel. This week, McAfee accused certain people from ESPN of purposely sabotaging his show and leaking false information to the media. Here is what McAfee said…

“I believe, Norby Williamson is the guy who is attempting to sabotage our program. Now, I’m not 100 percent sure. That is just seemingly the only human that has information, and then that information gets leaked, and it’s wrong, and it sets a narrative of what our show is.

Are we just gonna combat that from a rat every single time? Somebody tried to get ahead of our actual ratings release with wrong numbers 12 hours beforehand. That’s a sabotage attempt. It’s been happening this entire season from some people who didn’t necessarily love the old addition of ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ to the ESPN family. There’s a lot of those.” (quote courtesy of