Part 1 of Dark Side of the Ring’s documentary about Brian Pillman available to watch for free

Vice released the season 3 premiere of Dark Side of the Ring on the network’s YouTube channel for free viewing. The episode is the first part of a two-part Brian Pillman documentary.

The second part along with the remaining episodes will be available on Vice over the course of the next several months.

Here is the complete episode list…

Brian Pillman
Nick Gage
Collision in Korea (1995 WCW/NJPW event in North Korea)
Ultimate Warrior
Grizzly Smith
Dynamite Kid
Johnny K9 aka Bruiser Bedlam
The Steroid Trials (Vince McMahon’s 1994 trial)
The Plane Ride From Hell (Infamous WWE flight back from European tour in 2002)
Luna Vachon
Chris Kanyon

Brian Pillman Part One

Brian Pillman’s untimely death leaves his young family struggling to cope.