One of the ten people reportedly released from AEW issues public statement regarding his departure

As previously noted, ten people were reportedly released from AEW on April 1st 2024. Slim J was among the names on the list and he confirmed his departure in a public statement via Twitter/X…

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked for AEW. Unfortunately yesterday was no April fools joke. I appreciate

@AriyaDaivari for always bringing my name up and believing in me. @CapriceColeman you always put me over. As did @WilliamBehrens Thank you

Thank you to the fans that supported me. My gimmick was trash. I get that. I knew that. My work wasn’t though. I worked my shoot job through both contracts with AEW. My role there was to act rich. I’ve always been far from that in real life. Promise that.

All I wanted to do once I was signed. Was to get my wife and daughter out of the shit hole we live in. They’re my everything by far.i failed. Does it mean I quit. Not at all. Mouths to feed and I’m broke asf. So I’m looking for a second, second job. Stop sleeping on me.”