One of the Producers from WWE Wrestlemania 38 reportedly joins AEW

As previously noted, Pat Buckridge (Pat Buck) resigned from WWE as a Producer as he wanted to “refocus his energies on his family” and that was an issue with the WWE schedule. Buckridge was a Producer for several matches at Wrestlemania 38.

According to Mike Johnson of, Buckridge was backstage at AEW Dynamite during the April 14th 2022 episode. Johnson noted the following…

“Buckridge has started with the company as a Producer and one source stated he was actually at last week’s Dynamite taping as well.”

Shortly after news broke that Buckridge was leaving WWE, he issued a public statement about his departure…

“As a producer/agent, I feel that I have accomplished everything I wanted to do within WWE in the last three years.

My endless gratitude beams from working with so many wonderful talents, especially the ultra talented Women’s Division.

To my Producer brothers (and sister): You are the greatest collection of misfits that I’ve ever been with. I already miss my second family. Thank you John Laurinaitis for bringing me into this wonderful group and thank you Freebird for being our foul mouthed general.

And to my fellow New Yawka, Paul Heyman. Thanks for providing a mitzvah and helping this gentile out.

Sending love to the production truck, stage crew, parking, travel, makeup, photo, digital, security, IT, writers, props, social, legal, seamsters, live events, medical, and any other department that I’ve leaned on for something.

I look forward to using my new time to return/expand my training schools/promotions, working all over, and sleeping in my own bed more than twice a week.

To my darling wife, Lauren and baby Harrison. I don’t know how you put up with this gypsy. I [heart emoji] you both. Dada will be home soon.”