Omos reflects on having a brain tumor and how he was considered to be a “anomaly in the medical world”

During an appearance on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character, Omos opened up about his medical history…

“My coach (in college) said to me, ‘I don’t know who this guy is, but it seems like he’s a very high up guy on the campus. I want you to look at his email.’ So I read it and he just stated that, ‘Hey, I noticed that one of your guys has a tumor by the side of his face. He has a pituitary tumor and needs to get checked out ASAP.’ I’m reading this email, like, ‘No way, I am fine.’ I looked at my coaches and I said, ‘I don’t think I have anything but hey, I’m gonna do it just so I can have peace of mind.’ The next Wednesday they set up an MRI appointment. The MRI takes about a couple of days (to come back). That following Monday, I came to practice. I go to the trainer’s room. They said to go upstairs to the coach’s office. I walked into the coach’s office and there was the President of the University and all the doctors from the office were there. They said, ‘So this is an MRI right here of your brain. Do you see that little speck right there? You have a brain tumor. We don’t know whether it’s benign or it’s a cancerous tumor, and we’re going to have to figure out how to deal with this.’”

“Literally a month after the MRI, I had the surgery and they had to go through my nose. It was very, very traumatic. But in the process of doing the testing, they found that not only do I have the pituitary tumor, I have partial Cushing’s disease, which is very rare. There’s different forms of large human beings, but it’s a different variation and I had all of these combinations. It was the first time in medical history with someone with all three together. It became this sort of anomaly in the medical world. I had a journal published about my case.” (quotes courtesy of