Officials address the boarding process delays for Chris Jericho’s cruise

As previously noted, there were issues on Thursday with the boarding process for the 2021 Chris Jericho cruise and some fans were waiting several hours to board the ship due to Covid-19 testing protocols.

The following letter was sent out to passengers on Friday regarding the matter…

Dear Ragers,

All of us have been waiting a very long time to step foot onto the ship and step into a much-needed vacation with your fellow Ragers and that moment finally arrived yesterday.

The priority of Norwegian Cruise Line and Sixthman, second only to providing the safest environment for you to cruise worry-free, is to deliver the amazing Rock ‘N’ Wrestling experience that was promised. However, we let you down with extremely long wait times in the testing process.

That was not what you deserved for the start of your vacation, we take full responsibility, and sincerely apologize.

We are committed to spending the next few days doing EVERYTHING possible to exceed your expectations, and provide an unforgettable, rockin’ and ragin’ good time.

To that end, we are adding a $100 credit* to each guest’s onboard spending account AND tomorrow, everyone will be getting the Triple Whammy Sailaway Photo, capturing the moment of this community coming together, completely free of charge!

Thank you for your understanding and trusting us with your vacation.