Official rules and regulations announced for Control Your Narrative promotion

EC3 announced the following on Instagram regarding his Control Your Narrative promotion…


Sanctioned “Matches” will take place at all #CYN Live Events and will adhere to the standard #ProfessionalWrestling rule book.⁣

#CYN Live will be #officiated by a well trained and state certified team of “officials.”⁣

• 1st rule: You are in control.⁣

• 2nd rule: YOU ARE IN CONTROL!⁣

• 3rd rule: Fights end when you tap out, get knocked out, can’t stand, or quit. Sanctioned “matches” can end via pin fall.⁣

• 4th rule: Standard “professional wrestling” rules apply for sanctioned “matches.” Chaos ensues in the PROJECT PIT.⁣

• 5th rule: No #Superkicks. No #TopeSuicidas. No #CanadianDestroyers.⁣

• 6th rule: The fight isn’t with your opponent. It is with yourself.⁣

• 7th rule: Fights will go on as long as they have too. Sanctioned “matches” HIT THEIR TIMES.⁣

• 8th rule: If you want to #ControlYourNarrative, you have to fight.⁣

Fights within #TheNarrative? That is a different story.⁣