ODB interview highlights: Blood in wrestling, food truck incident, her flask

Former Impact Wrestling ODB did an interview with Just Alyx and here are the highlights…

Blood in wrestling: “I’m not a fan of it, especially when women bleed. I don’t think there’s any need for it. It’s overdone now. So where do you go from there? I think it’s disgusting. I don’t like it. Because it’s just done too much. I don’t think any woman in professional wrestling should bleed.”

Incident with her food truck burning down: “Yes, in 2019 I believe. But, honestly, it ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me. Someone from above blew that b*tch up. Haha. It sucked at first. But, the way I see it, my business was expanding and I was growing out of that food trailer. But I figured there was no way I was going to get a food truck for a while. Once the fire happened and the wrestling fans came out in support and I started wrestling and bar-tending again, I got my dream food truck. I haven’t looked back. You don’t realize how loved you are until something bad happens. I mean, Mick Foley and DDP helped me out. DDP calling me the next day was like, ‘WTF?’ Haha. Pretty cool. I felt pretty awesome.”

What was in her flask: “You gotta read my book and find out. I did not have water in there I can tell you that, haha. That said, I was never drunk. I never put anyone in any real danger during our matches. But I had to be real. Sting asked me backstage one time what was in the flask. I asked him, ‘Hey, you want some?” He said no. Then I was like, ‘you p*ssy!’ And my music hit. I go to Eric Young and was like, “I just called Sting a p*ssy! GO!” Haha.” [Transcript by Just Alyx]

ODB recently published a new book on her website, which you can order today. You can also watch the full interview with Just Alyx on Youtube.