NWA receives fan backlash over the crowning of the promotion’s new world champion

As seen during Saturday’s Hard Times 3, Tyrus was crowned the new NWA world champion after defeating Trevor Murdoch and Matt Cardona in a triple threat match. The NWA, which was been dealing Nick Aldis leaving the promotion, received fan backlash over Tyrus becoming the new champion. Here were some of the top comments via Twitter…

Jason Solomon: “Tyrus is the new NWA World Champion. No wonder Aldis gave his notice. You run OUT of a burning house, not into it.”

Just Alyx: “Oof… NWA made Funkasaurus their world champion. Somebody call his momma. Was Tyrus really the best option? I mean, for God sake, you got Aron Stevens aka Damien Sandow! And you went with FUNK IS ON A ROLE? YOU IGNORAMUSES!!”

Kenny McIntosh: “No way! Tyrus is the NWA champ at the end of 2022?! Remove him being a right wing nutter or the allegations against him, but he’ll be 50 in February, isn’t a very dynamic wrestler and isn’t over in the slightest. What a strange move. Very tone deaf.”

@EDGXR5: “TK (Tony Khan) can buy the rights for this title, put it on Serpentico and could feel more valuable than Tyrus having it.”

@KrisPLettuce: “Billy Corgan is the most incompetent person in wrestling which in 2022 covers a lot of ground! How are you so delusional to diarrhea all those words out of your mouth about how there aren’t enough women good enough for NWA when you just had fat 50 year old Tyrus main event a PPV.”

@RiepTide1999: “Billy Corgan really thinks Tyrus, who’s about as mobile as ‘89 Andre the Giant, has more legs as the heel NWA Champion than Matt Cardona. Sounds like his pumpkin is smashed right about now.”

@RealJackCassidy: “Going from Cody Rhodes and Nick Aldis as champion to Tyrus is the definition of ‘mud.'”