NWA issues statement regarding Nick Aldis and he comments on being pulled from shows

A previously noted, Nick Aldis announced that he will be leaving the NWA via his Instagram account. On Monday afternoon, the NWA issued a statement…

NWA response to recent statements made by Nick Aldis

Pursuant to the recent comments made by Nick Aldis, the National Wrestling Alliance, has suspended Aldis from the main roster and effective immediately Aldis will not appear for the Hard Times 3 PPV and Revolution Rumble television tapings in New Orleans, LA on Nov. 12, 2022 and Nov. 13, 2022.

As such, the National Wrestling Alliance reserves its right to comment on this matter at a future date.

Aldis wrote the following on Twitter…

“Sorry to disappoint but I was removed from the shows this weekend after giving my notice. I fully intended to fulfill my obligations to the audience but unfortunately the company doesn’t seem to share the same values.”