Nikki Garcia comments on if her and sister Brie are heading to AEW

As previously noted, “The Bella Twins” brand has been dropped as Nikki and Brie will be using their last name Garcia moving forward. Nikki and Brie leaving WWE was confirmed via an article on

During an Instagram live video, Nikki was asked if her and Brie were heading to AEW…

“There’s no hard feelings [with WWE]. I get because of everything in the past, especially the past maybe six months, it seems that way. We’re not going to AEW. I’ve seen a lot of that, because we are just there visiting Renee and Paige. I was like, I haven’t had an opportunity to take Matteo [her son] backstage to a wrestling event, and when he knew uncle Bryan was gonna be there, Matteo loves his uncle Bryan. Brie and I are like, we have to go see Bryan. The kids had so much fun.” (quote courtesy of Colin Tessier)