Nikki and Brie Garcia (Bella Twins) comment on AEW and a potential comeback in wrestling

During an appearance on Amanda Hirsch’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Nikki and Brie Garcia (Bella Twins) commented on a potential comeback in wrestling…

Brie: Especially because, you know, my husband’s at AEW now. But, I’m still surrounded a lot by wrestling because he and I, we talk about it all the time. He’s fully in it and he just had an incredible match this Sunday at their big pay-per-view, All Out and I watch everything and when I see the women wrestle and all that, I always am like, ‘Ah!!’

Nikki: You get fired up.

Brie: I know… AEW’s for sure more hardcore.

Nikki: They have less rules I would say. They’re allowed to bleed and hit each other with certain objects.

Brie: I would, I for sure would (be open to leaning into that style of wrestling). I definitely have it in me.

Nikki: We want one last run. Especially when our sons are a little older and they could sit and watch their mommies kick ass and if my surgeon allows me to.

Brie: Because of her neck.

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