Nick Khan says Vince McMahon “certainly has thoughts” but “has not interfered with creative”

As previously noted, there has been belief that Vince McMahon was once again involved with WWE creative but people within the company have reportedly denied it. WWE President Nick Khan recently stated that Vince is “not that involved” and has “embraced” Triple H’s role as Head of Creative in WWE.

While appearing on CNBC’s Closing Bell Overtime, Khan once again addressed Vince’s status in WWE from a creative standpoint…

“‘No’ is the answer (Vince McMahon has not been getting more involved in the creative process). Are you gonna be there this weekend at WrestleMania or are you passing on this one? (Khan asked the show host)… Vince has not interfered with creative. He certainly has thoughts, again, that we all try to tap in to pretty often but Triple H, real name, Paul Levesque, is our Head of Creative, he remains our Head of Creative and he’s done a phenomenal job along with our creative team. If you look at the ratings being up across the board at a time when basically, cable and network ratings are down across the board, we’re pleased with what the product is saying to the consumer and what the consumer is saying back to us.”

Khan also addressed Stephanie McMahon’s resignation

“You know, do keep in mind, Stephanie (McMahon) was on a leave of absence when we called her. It was Vince (McMahon) and I who called her together to ask her to come back from that leave of absence to fill in at the time as the Interim Chairperson. She then became the co-CEO as you just articulated and the Chairperson of the Board. She did phenomenal work across the board and when Vince came back, I think she went back to what she was thinking of doing on the leave of absence. She stepped down, she and I remain in touch. She seems to be in a great place… It’s a question for her (if she’d want to return to the company). We’d certainly always love to have her as a part of WWE but the time would have to be right for her and I’m not sure she’s there yet.” (quotes courtesy of